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Brand: Esaote SpA


Vet-MR Grande is an innovative vet MRI specifically designed with the collaboration of veterinary doctors to create an efficient solution for both large and small animal client demographics. The Vet-MR Grande is available with a choice of 2 dedicated patient tables covering the needs for pet and equine MRI imaging:

  • Open design and tailored patient beds
  • Complete set of dedicated optimized coils
  • Full set of pre-defined sequences and protocols for veterinary purpose
  • Windows based user interface customized for “vet” environment featuring “vet” terminology
  • Multi planar scout
  • Real time imaging tool for animal positioning
  • User customized examination protocols for specific clinical needs
  • Easy installation: single room of 25 m² needed
  • Maintenance-free open permanent magnet
  • Low Power Consumption: max 3 Kw
  • 0.25 Tesla field
  • Light Patented RF Shielding
  • Standard available anaesthesia equipment can be used
  • Extensive image viewing, analysis and elaboration tools
  • Sophisticated storage functionality particularly useful for systems connected to PACS network
  • Full DICOM connectivity

Clinical Images



  • Single room installation
  • Installation surface: 25 m²
  • Total weight: 7 tons
  • Power line 3 KW
  • No Cryogens
  • Dedicated shielding case by Esaote








Vet Vet-MR Grande is fully DICOM compliant and offers smart solutions for connectivity and teleradiology, featuring the standard Dicom classes:

Storage – send/receive transmission of images to other modalities (workstations, PACS), moreover enabling the “Autosend” (also called “Autopush”) function, Vet-MR Grande will automatically send all the images to the destination of choice without the need of operator interaction.

Media Exchange: to archiving images on a removable media (MOD or Cdrom), in DicomDir modality.

Print management: enable the use of DICOM printers.

Modality Worklist: Vet-MR Grande receives patients’ list of the day directly from the HIS/RIS of the clinic/hospital.


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