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EqueTom is the first portable tomosythesis system for the equine market.


EqueTom’s unique reconstruction techique provides over 300 coronalslices of the examined body part for detailed examination, instead of asingle static X-Ray shot

Brand: Universal Medical Systems

  • High quality, low dose, multi-slice images
  • Advanced anatomical visualization
  • Truly Portable, Take it to your van!
  • Battery Powered.
  • Make exams in the field.
  • Also generates 2d X-Ray
  • Reduced examination time.
  • No sedation needed
  • Scannable anatomy includes
    • Hoof
    • Pastern
    • Ergot
    • Coronet
    • Fetlock

Truly portable. Take it to your van!EqueTOm is designed to be portable. You can carry it between stables and work the same routine as with digital radiography systems. But in addition to exceptional quality 2D images, you will be able to acquire tomosynthesis slices of horse leg.

Battery powered. Make exams in the field!EqueTom is battery powered. Due to superior battery capacity you will be able to make up to 50 tomosynthesis exams and 100 radiography shots.

Need regular 2D X-ray? No problem!For the body parts where tomosynthesis is not applicable just remove the portable generator and digital detector and take radiography shots.

Reduced examination time. No horse sedation is needed!3-4 seconds images acquisition techniques and 1 minute 3D reconstruction time provide you fast and accurate diagnostic information. Focus at different depth inside the body via swiping the slices using our user-friendly graphic interface on your laptop.