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The MyLab™Delta is the newest VET Ultrasound Solution.  It’s the Veterinarian’s choice for a compact, robust, portable and complete ultrasound solution. Read more.



MyLab™OneVet is designed using the most modern and advanced technologies in order to deliver its high performance within the class of arm held and portable. Read more.

 MyLabFiveVET_1_500x375-150x150  MyLabFiveVETThe MyLabFiveVET is designed using the most modern and advanced technologies in order to deliver its high performance within the class of a portable device. Read more.


MyLab™Gamma: A World without Boundaries with Smart Portable Ultrasound.  It sets ultrasound free bringing superb quality imaging and fast, accurate diagnosis to the Point-of-Care in any situation – wherever and whenever.  Read more.



The powerful Mylab™Alpha, premium performance portable ultrasound system, offers features and performance never seen on a portable system to deliver reliable diagnosis at the point-of-care and portability. Read more.



MyLab™Seven is an innovative ultrasound system able to deliver high-class performance and compact size in cardiac, vascular, ob/gyn and general imaging applications. The wide 16:10 LCD monitor and large sized high-definition touch-screen reflect the main philosophy of the system: Productivity in real-time, means better diagnosis in less time.  Read more.


MyLab™Omega is a high-end, portable, multidisciplinary ultrasound with an innovative and ergonomic design. It delivers the highest level of performance possible for any application. It offers extreme agility thanks to onboard dual connector and extremely flexible with unique built-in touch screen in addition to its rotating and tilting monitor. Read more.



MyLab™TwiceVET with MyLab™SatVET point-of-care ultrasound has no limits: it provides Premium Performance Ultrasound service and thanks to MyLab™SatVET it can move imaging to wherever it is needed, for faster diagnosis and improved patient care. Read more.



In today’s veterinary practice, efficiency and productivity are of great importance. Changing clinical needs require medical equipment to deliver high performance, ease of use and innovative solutions. MyLab™ClassCVET is based on this concept and delivers a reliable diagnosis to ensure daily productivity. Read more.


Tringa Linear

Esaote- Pie Medical is proud to announce the introduction of the newest member of the Tringa Family of ultrasound systems: the Tringa Linear. The Tringa Linear is small in size, but big in functionality and features. Read more.

The best range of MyLab ultrasound machines

We specialise in bringing the best in the MyLab range to clinics throughout Australia. These cutting edge ultrasound machines offer veterinary clinics the advanced technology to provide the highest standards of care and comfort to their patients.

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