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Walking on the Brighter Side of Ultrasound Imaging
Brand: Esaote

Ultrasound imaging beyond ease

With Esaote’s new MyLabTMX5, has become so smart and simple, you will no longer need to worry about timeconsuming adjustments. Designed with unique ergonomics, the MyLabTMX5 brings you total user comfort and usability that is tailored to every clinical need – all enabled through its swift responsiveness and its friendly interface. Single click automations help you speed up your assessments and the enhanced image quality allows you to deliver them confidently and with utmost precision.

Fast and easy

Single-click automation

Diagnostic confidence

Large probe portfolio

Large probe portfolio

Transducers are the core of Ultrasound technology. Integrating physics, electronics and geometrics in their
design is the greatest engineering challenge of the Signal
Processing Chain.

Transducers are the primary component of a Signal Processing Chain, the system that leads to the final diagnostic image. Although a great deal of time has been spent on the optimization of scan converters, post-processing algorithms, and sophisticated speckle-reduction technologies, ultrasound transducers remain a scanner’s primary interface between patient and user.

The design, material, and manufacturing technology of transducers are the main determinants of an ultrasound system’s image quality. Thanks to the innovation of gold standard ultrasound transducers, iQProbes offer state-of-the-art imaging.

Active matrix composite material

Single crystal

Multiple adaptive layers

Bi-con geometric lens

appleprobe design

Extensive use of applications with extended wideband convex, linear, phased array, volumetric, Intraoperative and special transducer shapes.


Stress echo

Complete Stress Echo package with flexible and customizable protocols for imaging acquisition and review.

Automatic measurement of the EF fraction (entirely automated).

Automatic measurement of the Nuclear Translucency (NT).
Needle visibility

A clear and enhanced image of the target area during intervention procedures. The technology enables users to see the target structures and needle tip in order to automate the entire procedure.

Automated real-time detection of Intima Media Thickness, including standard deviation and reliability index, based on RF signal analysis.

Global strain bullseye (17-segments) as result of the 3 apical GLS outcomes.


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