Computer Radiography

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The CR 35 VET comes with the option to work with different resolutions dependent on the individual animal type and body part. Thus a CR 35 VET is always the appropriate device, regardless whether you examine a horse, dog, cat, reptile, bird or exotics. Read more.


CR 15-X

The CR 15-X is highly versatile and compact computed radiography solution offering high image quality and high speed.  It is convenient and fast workflow, with user controllable speed and resolution. The CR 15-X is robust, yet easy to install and maintain and fits in small spaces and is suited for mobile applications. Read more.




CR 7

The remarkable compact image plate scanner, CR 7 VET was developed specially for dental X-ray diagnosis in the veterinary medicine.The device processes all usual intraoral sizes from 2 x 3cm(size 0) to 5,7×7,6cm(size4) quickly and with superb resolution.

Veterinary dental diagnosis cannot be easier. Read More.


Divario Tm

Compact desktop units with high throughput for excellent X-ray images. Read more.