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The Divario CR-Tmvet is a CR desktop system with a maximum processing capacity of 73 cassettes per hour. The Divario is:

  • easy to operate
  • reduces patients’ waiting time and increases the efficiency of the examination process.
  • can be placed wherever space is limited – on a desk or a shelf
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY Offers images with a superb resolution of 50 μm (mammography resolution) e.g. for cat or dog paws etc.


Together with the professional image acquisition software dicomPACS DX-R, ® the CR system offers all necessary image processing tools. The solution can be adapted to fit specific clinical purposes..

The creation of the best possible images, however, also requires the correct setup of the X-ray unit and the correct positioning of the patient. To help the X-ray assistant with this task, a multimedia radiographic positioning guide for each examination has been integrated directly into the system. It allows the user to verify, prior to taking the X-ray how to correctly set up the X-ray image. Even videos on the positoning of a patient etc. are included. This guide removes the need for radiographers to consult tables, reference books or external software programmes.



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