Sonobook 9 Vet Ultrasound

SonoBook 9 VET is a latest portable laptop ultrasound machine form CHISON medical ultrasound manufacturer. It boasts premium performance in pregnancy and fertility detection, cardiology, vascular etc.



The New Chison SonoBook 9 laptop-style ultrasound machine is Chison’s most advanced portable cardiovascular ultrasound machine. Its most notable breakthroughs are with advanced cardiac and vascular imaging. However, the SonoBook 9 also operates as an excellent shared service portable ultrasound.

At its release in 2017, the new SonoBook 9 became the most versatile and most affordable high-end portable ultrasound machine. Its most notable qualities are image quality, speed, and price.

Image quality for cardiology ranks among the best portable ultrasounds out there, and it includes stress echo, IMT, structured reports, and among the highest frame rates seen on any portable cardiovascular ultrasound machine.

With an internal Solid State hard drive, the SonoBook 9 portable ultrasound machine is among the fastest machines we tested. Saving loops, changing modes, adjusting image quality, exporting, et.c, are all nearly instantaneous, with almost no lag keeping long line clips (prospective and retrospective).

The SonoBook 9 has a durable build and includes many advanced imaging features including compound imaging, needle visualisation, stress echo, speckle reduction imaging, IMT, Tissue Doppler, and prospective/retrospective cine loop saving.

This is Chison’s first laptop-style system, and it’s built with durability and portability in mind for a mobile shared service ultrasound machine. We find the durability and design to be similar to Mindray and better than offerings from GE’s Vivid and Logiq portable ultrasound machines.

The new Chison SonoBook 9 also carries an extended warranty, which gives it a definite edge over new or refurbished similarly priced offerings from other high-end advanced portable cardiovascular ultrasound machines. Two years warranty for 2D probes, 4D probes & highest frequency linear probes have 1 year.


  • Ultra-Light <12 Ibs(with battery)
  • Ultra-SW
  • Ultra-compact
  • Ultra-deep penetration > 30cm
  • Ultra-superficial observation < 2mm
  • Ultra-slow velocity detection < 2mM/S
  • Ultra-high velocity detection > 40m/s (probe-dependent)


  • About lrnin
  • Shut down < 12s
  • Still Image and tine can be saved in Is
  • Instant switch between different modes & measurements


  • Versatile solutions
  • Covering wide frequency range
  • 192 elements high density probe
  • Innovative probe (available)
  • Large Storage Size (10 thousands of Images and ones)

More Connectable:

  • Intelligent patients” data management
  • SonoDocking: DVI-I, Foot-Switch, Video-Out. remote, S-Video
  • US83.0
  • Wifi-Compatible
  • DICOM: Structure report, worklist, storage, print


  • MO./Automat& image op” rm for B mot & model
  • Auto Measurement. Auto INer. Auto Auto AW
  • Useedefmed workflow
  • Auto.arndent adrustment tailor to Indoor & outdoor uses.


  • for lower power consumption Standby mode to save energy PLAto,amblent adjustment to save batte, fe Law heat and noise design Up to I week battery life in .ndby mode Up to haws of continuous use in active mode


Imaging Features:

  • High-End cardiovascular imaging
  • Compound imaging
  • Speckle Reduction Imaging
  • Stress Echo
  • Elastography
  • IMT
  • Q-Image
  • X-Contrast
  • Automatic Image Optimization
  • Auto Measurements
  • Auto-trace follicle measurement
  • Fetal profile, 4D multi-slice


Workflow and Design:

  • 15″ high resolution LED monitor
  • Start-up in less than 1 minute
  • Shut-down in less than 15 seconds
  • Durable Laptop design
  • Lightweight chassis under 12lbs with battery
  • Supports 27 ultrasound transducers
  • Intelligent patient data management
  • Internal Solid State Hard Drive
  • Prospective and Retrospective Saving
  • Auto-ambient adjustments
  • ECG
  • 3 built-in USB ports
  • Extended Cardiac Package: ECG Software, CW, Free Steering M, Color M, TDI
  • Custom calculations, settings, and presets



Abdominal, Anesthesia, Cardiac, Cardiovascular Imaging, General Imaging, Interventional Procedures, Intraoperative Procedures, Musculoskeletal, OB-GYN, Pediatric, Peripheral Vascular, Portable, Small Parts, Stress Echo, Superficial, Thyroid, Transcranial Doppler, Urology, Vascular, Venous


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