Clarius Portable Wireless Veterinary Ultrasound

Find answers under the fur with high-definition wireless ultrasound.

Designed for veterinarians, Clarius Vet HD3 wireless scanners bring AI-powered imaging with dedicated animal presets to your iOS or Android device for a confident diagnosis.



AI-Powered for Optimal Imaging


Optimize comfort with on-the-spot imaging and no wires to startle your furry patients. Ultra-portable and affordable, Clarius delivers the quality imaging and performance of traditional systems without complex knobs and buttons. The AI-powered app is as easy to use as your smart phone. Improve animal care with clear visualization of anatomy and pathology for a more accurate diagnosis on your patient’s first visit.

  • Perform an abdominal FAST exam to identify free fluid
  • Take measurements to characterize masses, sludge and free fluid
  • Scan the adrenal glands for hyperplasia, nodules and masses
  • Scan the lung and pleural space for pathology of cardiac origin
  • Assess the heart to determine if furosemide is indicated
  • Perform an equine exam of the superficial digital flexor tendon





Image Clarity You Can Trust for Veterinary Medicine


C7 HD3 Vet

Convex Scanner – Small Animals
Frequency: 3–10 MHz
Max Depth: 18 cm

C3 HD3 Vet

Convex Scanner – Large Animals
Frequency: 2–6 MHz
Max Depth: 40 cm

L7 HD3 Vet

Linear Scanner for MSK Equine
Frequency: 4–13 MHz
Max Depth: 11 cm


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C3 HD3 Vet, C7 HD3 Vet, L7 HD3 Vet