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At GE we believe great care happens by design. So when we set out to design the new Optima CT520 scanner, we started with a broad vision: to help healthcare providers deliver the best patient care. Then we went to you, our customers, and asked you how to make this vision a reality. We listened to your recommendations  and responded with a next-generation, intelligent 16-slice CT scanner that sets a new standard for clinical excellence and diagnostic versatility. Customer‑inspired enhancements include superb image quality with advanced dose‑optimizing features. Streamlined workflow to help you better manage your daily routine. And a host of technological innovations, such as IQ Enhance, Xtream Integrated Injector, ASiR,* VISR, SmartView* Fluoro, Optidose*, Volara* DAS, and more.

Built on reliable and proven technology, Optima CT520 combines advanced clinical capacity with economic value. And it will continue to meet your clinical needs long into the future. A strong field service network backed by digital services and remote capabilities, along with a wide range of educational opportunities, ensure lifetime support.


Change the way you see CT


Efficient, accurate diagnosis

CT imaging has a variety of innovative uses in vascular studies. Angiography is one of the fastest-growing CT procedures. As a result, the demand for easy-to-use vascular analysis has also grown. Optima CT520 makes the angiography exam workflow efficient with proven IQ Enhance technology. IQ Enhance accelerates helical pitch and lets you scan at the same coverage speed as a 50-slice CT. This gives you the speed you need to catch the arterial phase while still delivering the spatial resolution needed to accurately visualize tiny vessels or quantify stenosis. IQ Enhance helps you improve the speed versus image quality balance. To simplify workflow, the Xtream Integrated Injector lets you synchronize the start of the injection and scan acquisition. Remarkable 3D images, automated bone removal, and one‑click vessel tracking simplify processing and communicating with referral doctors or vascular surgeons.

See more with CT

From diagnosis to treatment planning and monitoring, CT is one of the most powerful and versatile imaging tools in the fight against cancer. Optima CT520 enables you to see anatomy and lesions clearly and understand the diagnostic landscape more thoroughly, with optimized dose. High-quality images, streamlined workflow, fast acquisition speed, and dose optimization help you detect and evaluate small lesions and follow them over time, or provide a detailed evaluation of tumor extension. ASiR delivers up to 40% reduction in radiation dose with no compromise in image quality1. This is particularly helpful for procedures where low dose is especially desirable—for example, for lymphoma and other patients requiring multiple follow-up scans or for patients who are more radiosensitive

Fresh Perspective

With Optima CT520, you’ll gain a whole new perspective for interventional procedures. SmartView Fluoro combines advanced visualization techniques with real-time reconstruction and display. A nominal image lag of only 0.20 second gives you the confidence you need for CT‑guided interventions, such as core, lung, and retroperitoneal lymph node biopsies; drainage procedures; pain management procedures; and ablations. Know just where your needle is every step of the way—and even adjust needle positioning for respiratory motion. Get to your target precisely using the fast image display as your guide. Guiding interventions for less complex cases? GE’s SmartStep tap mode lets you complete simple procedures efficiently and accurately.


Helping you to lower dose


ASiR inside – A leap ahead in dose management

ASiR may help clinicians achieve dose reductions while delivering the diagnostic image quality needed for confident diagnosis. It may also improve low contrast detectability. ASiR changes the dose paradigm across many anatomies and patients. Based on customers’ experiences using ASiR technology, excellent diagnostic image quality at low dose has been demonstrated across exam types and body regions.


Dose reduction with ASiR is combined with GE Healthcare’s proven OptiDose technologies that deliver dose reduction at the source. It includes 3D modulation, which automatically adjusts the mA as you scan along the x-y-z axes, and prepatient collimation to block X-rays not needed for the image and optimize the beam width to improve geometric dose effi ciency. Color-coded pediatric protocols provide intuitive management of pediatric exams, categorizing children into one of eight colored categories based on their weight and size so clinicians can select the rightsized scan technique. The easy-to-archive, DICOM-structured dose report is generated after every scan, providing dose parameters and a clear summary of how the procedure was performed.


Volumetric Image Space Reconstruction (VISR) are 3D fi lters that reduce image noise (standard deviation) without compromising spatial resolution to provide clear visualization in neuro and cardiac imaging, to deliver diagnostic image quality with potentially lower mA.

Raise your CT IQ

Optima CT520 incorporates the best technologies from previous GE platforms—most notably the innovative algorithm, IQ Enhance. Other smart features such as the Volara 24-bit Digital Data Acquisition System (DAS) and Direct MPR help improve image quality and data management efficiency. Combining power, spatial resolution, and dose-optimization tools, Optima CT520 delivers exceptional image quality and highly efficient imaging—even in regions such as the inner ear, lungs, and bones.


Speed of a 50-slice CT

Who says you have to sacrifice image quality for speed? Optima CT520 with IQ Enhance helps improve the speed versus image quality balance. IQ Enhance reduces helical artifacts in thin-slice helical scanning to increase coverage, improve image quality, and reduce dose delivered to the patient by using a higher pitch. It lets you scan at coverage speed equivalent to that of a CT with a 50-slice detector. From head to toe, you get high-quality images across a wide range of clinical applications.

Efficient imaging

Optima CT520 collects cubic data sets of the smallest practical volume, delivering remarkable images in 3D and multi-planar reformatting (MPR)-20 mm coverage with 0.625 mm isotropic cells. For resolution as small as 0.35 mm in all directions throughout the body—reproduced at anytime and in all planes. The Optima CT520 image chain is powered by GE’s exclusive Volara DAS, which delivers high processing power for high‑resolution images and low-dose performance. It reduces noise up to 33%, for outstanding image quality, even in difficult areas such as the shoulders and hips, and in large patients. DAS also reduces noise in low-contrast, soft-tissue body and neuro studies, and in pediatric exams. But acquiring data is just the first step. Fast image reconstruction with transfer speeds up to 16 fps and Direct MPR help you quickly manage and assess large datasets with ease—for pulmonary embolism, trauma, CT angiography, and more.

Small footprint. Big comfort

With one of the smallest footprints on the market, Optima CT520 fits your available space in even small rooms. It fits easily almost anywhere—even in the same space as some single-slice systems. But even with its small size, Optima CT520 delivers outstanding comfort and flexibility— whether your technologist prefers to sit or stand. The console is noticeably quieter and delivers less heat. And the same familiar interface, available on our most advanced CT systems, puts automated processing at the technologist’s fingertips. The console also features SmartPrep, Autovoice, and easier protocol settings. Optima CT520 is not only more efficient for technologists, it’s more energy efficient, too, using about 60% less energy than our previous-generation scanners. With a thoughtful overnight “sleep” mode and electronic designs, it uses less energy both when operating and inactive. For a big impact on the environment—and your bottom line.


Clinical relevance is the maindriver of GE Healthcare’s post-processing software

Since 1990, improvements in the company’s offering have led to a robust and constantly-enriched foundation-coming directly from the modality’s latest innovations. Today it provides a unique and consistent multimodality 2D, 3D, and 4D environment, placing patient pathology in the center. On top of this foundation is GE Healthcare’s large portfolio of vascular, cardiac, oncology, and neurology advanced applications, that enhance scanner capacities to provide accurate assessments.

Clinical relevance without system interoperability means nothingWith significant dose reduction, CT scanners can increase body exploration capacities. Additionally, the volume of data is growing fast and managing it becomes time-consuming and complex. That is why AW ensures deep integration with medical equipment-CT, MRI, PET-CT, Vascular-and your RIS and PACS systems. Because communication alone is not enough, AW provides Workflow Booster, an automatic case preparation and preprocessing tool..

Unleash the power and access it from anywhereComplex pathologies may require team work and expertise sharing-inside or outside of your facility. GE Healthcare’s client server model, AW Server, complements the traditional AW workstations, offering a centrally-managed, post processing engine accessible from any PC or Mac staff meeting, radiologist offi ce, or outside if allowed. Following systems are supported: Window s® XP, Vista & Windows 7, AW Workstations, Mac ® (using Windows Parallel), 1, IT team need to configure appropriate access to server from outside the facility.