GE Revolution Maxima Veterinary CT

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Overall, a top performer

Every day you look for ways to accommodate an increasing load of patient referrals with the same number of department resources. It’s a constant balancing act that places extra emphasis on the overall efficiency of your entire CT workflow. For you, the final CT image is only part of the story. How you get to that image is just as integral to the quality of your patient care as the images themselves. This philosophy is at the foundation of Revolution™ Maxima.

We evaluated every angle of the CT workflow and then went to work simplifying, streamlining, automating and applying advanced technologies like AI wherever possible with the goal of transforming the entire CT experience. It’s called Revolution Maxima because it’s the culmination of all of these efficiencies. It’s a powerful, high-performing and reliable CT designed to maximize every step of the CT workflow, from referral to report.


Right place, less time

No matter how you look at it, all patients are at risk of being mispositioned. When a patient is mispositioned, it may lead to up to a 38 percent increase in dose1 and up to a 22 percent increase in image noise2. Positioning challenges are difficult to resolve because they can stem from a combination of variables, including the inherent inconsistency of a manual workflow, patient discomfort and technologist experience. Our innovative AI-based Auto Positioning3 completely automates this step. The Xtream camera uses real-time depth sensing technology to generate a 3D model of your patient’s body. Then, using our deep learning algorithm, Revolution Maxima pinpoints the center of the scan range and automatically aligns it with the isocenter of the bore. With one click,
Auto Positioning uses all of this information to automatically center your patient for a completely hands-free positioning experience. Auto Positioning streamlines your patient setup and, most important of all, frees up your technologists so they can focus on making your patients feel more comfortable.


One-click, hands-free automation

Revolution Maxima simplifies the entire patient setup process. Innovative auto centering technology is at the core of our improved scan experience, but it starts with related protocol recommendations. By comparing the exam description against a database of scan protocols, the system displays a short list of protocols to choose from. What used to take valuable time searching for the right protocol and then manually positioning the patient in the bore, can now be done with


It comes with everything you need

We wanted to provide you with one CT that comes with all of the capabilities essential to getting the right information at the right image quality across a diverse range of clinical needs. Built around our Clarity imaging chain, Revolution Maxima provides 0.28 mm4 spatial resolution and makes 40 mm imaging routine. Our leading dose reduction software, ASiR-V™, is also available. This advanced noise and object modeling reconstruction software allows you to consistently image with up to 82 percent5 less dose compared to filtered back projection image reconstruction. Together, these core technologies provide you with everything you need to get to the right diagnosis, the first time, at the lowest dose possible.


One great image after another

Great imaging performance is more than just a beautiful clinical image. For high-throughput environments, how you get to the image is just as important as the image itself. And every step in the process matters. You need to consider how quickly a scan can be set up, how easily your applications can be applied during the scan and how effectively you can produce a report from the images you acquire. All of this goes into the great imaging performance you can expect with Revolution Maxima.



A CT that can do it all

As a high-performing imaging department, you don’t need a range of CT options to pick and choose which capabilities you need. From scan setup, to image acquisition, to the final report, there is a lot that goes into high performance CT imaging. What you need is a system that can do it all. Revolution Maxima provides innovative solutions for your entire CT experience from referral to report, including an incredible new way to automate patient positioning. Beyond that, it’s a scalable, upgradable system that leaves the door open to grow with your practice.