Superflab Stand off Sheet

Superflab is exceptionally elastic, conforming to patient contours, while maintaining uniform thickness. 0.3cm x 30cm x 30cm

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Optimal Dose Build-Up
The material was designed to conform completely to a variety of uneven surface geometries, eliminating air gaps and further dose absorption.

Proven Clinical Usage
The dosimetric properties of the Superflab bolus material have been tested superior to polystyrene, the previous gold standard in bolus material. The specific gravity of Superflab is very similar to that of water at 1.02, approximating tissue-equivalence closer than polysteyrene, resulting in broad clinical acceptance.

Advanced Elasticity
Superflab is made of a proprietary synthetic gel, resulting in a molded material that does not suffer inelastic strain from normal stresses. Consequently, Superflab does not have to be bagged or wrapped in plastic film to maintain its shape during treatment.

0.3cm x 30cm x 30cm Mouldable synthetic gel sheet that can be used on all probes to provide better contact and improve image quality.

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0.3cm x 30cm x 30cm